I am inspired by the women I see in my daily life. I live in Paris in fall and spring. In winter, in Thailand and Laos. During summer, in New Mexico and Washington, DC.

I have been a feminist for five decades; initially I volunteered at a crisis center and then became a legal advocate for women and their families. Thirty years ago, I began to create artwork. First, painting, soon after, I learned to draw, and printmaking followed.

In the "The Backs of Women" series
my passion to create and my desire to honor women comes together. This website chronicles the ways I have interpreted the lives and work of women in various mediums since 2022.

Currently, I exhibit original prints at Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My drawings, original prints and paintings are on view at Mosaic Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I often exhibit from my suitcase, making new work as I go from place to place.